QoS service tools for IPTV, VoIP, quad-play

Oct. 30, 2007
October 30, 2007 -- JDSU has enhanced the IPTV, VoIP, and quad-play capabilities of its NetComplete service assurance system.

October 30, 2007 -- JDSU recently introduced IPTV and quad-play enhancements to its NetComplete service assurance system, as well as new features to the system's PVA-1000 software component, specializing in VoIP analysis using remote software capture agents.

The company says the enhancements address growing network operator demand for in-depth, accurate measurements and end-to-end performance monitoring to ensure quality IPTV, VoIP and other quad-play service delivery.

The NetComplete system's new IPTV and quad-play features include: support for single and multi-channel program transport streams; simultaneous monitoring of more than 1000 digital video/IPTV transport streams, measuring and calculating key quality indicators; and continuous passive performance monitoring, including the correlation and aggregation of quality metrics providing an end-to-end view across the service delivery chain.

Ensuring quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for voice, video and data services deployed in Metro Ethernet, wireless and IP-broadband environments, the system incorporates the company's QT-hardware and software probes (QT-600, QT-200, QT-50), and its NetAnalyst and NetOptimize OSS software applications for managing service performance and pro-actively troubleshooting problems.

"These new features allow service providers to comprehensively test and monitor quad-play services using a single platform -- whether its metro Ethernet, IPTV, voice or wireless services -- giving exceptional visibility into the complex network and service lifecycle," comments John Govert, director of marketing for JDSU's Service Assurance Solutions business unit.

Also, the system's PVA-1000 software tool for VoIP service analysis has been upgraded to include two test features that strengthen its ability to perform VoIP testing for carriers delivering service in IMS, fixed-mobile convergence environments.

The software is designed to provide full analysis of VoIP telephone calls, including jitter, packet loss and audio playback. According to the company, the new features are compatible with a variety of network service and infrastructure types, including softphones, wireless IMS networks, wireline networks, VPN and enterprise.

A Capture Agent now allows the PVA-1000 to monitor multiple calls and generate individual packet capture files for each call that falls below a mean opinion score (MOS) threshold, a common metric to determine optimal call quality. The resulting capture file can be automatically transferred to a pre-defined server.

The capture agents can be placed on switch port analyzer (SPAN) ports, PCs with softphones (PC-based software that converts PC into a telephone) or desktop PCs connected to IP phones. Low-cost, flexible deployment combined with fully automated operation makes the agents ideal for network turn-up, acceptance and troubleshooting applications, says JDSU.

In addition, the PVA-1000 can now perform signaling trace, audio playback and full decodes of signaling and media packets, allowing operators to quickly and pro-actively troubleshoot common errors in VoIP performance such as delay and echo.

JDSU recently showcased the product improvements at the TelcoTV Conference & Expo 2007 in Atlanta and the Fall VON 2007 in Boston.

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