JDSU promotes network, enterprise test platform

Oct. 4, 2007
October 4, 2007 -- JDSU has launched a market awareness campaign dubbed "Know the Network," designed to promote the company's field testing tools for enterprise, home, and broadband access networks.

October 4, 2007 -- JDSU has launched a market awareness campaign dubbed "Know the Network," aimed at customers who install, manage, and maintain enterprise, home and broadband access networks.

Via the promotion, the company is offering a set of "task-ready, single-task" tools for enterprise, home wiring and broadband access network testing. According to the company, the test tools are designed to enable technicians "to know the network is ready to support the latest consumer and business communications services and applications, and allows them to complete installation and troubleshooting jobs quickly and efficiently."

The company says the market awareness campaign was launched to raise the visibility about the tools and their applications.

"Know the Network appeals to those who might not be familiar with JDSU as a provider of trusted, reliable and proven task-ready test tools for the enterprise and service provider markets," says Dave Holly, senior vice president and general manager of JDSU's Field Services test business. "We've set in motion a fresh series of JDSU advertisements and promotions to reflect what really matters to these customers - easy-to-use test tools that let technicians complete the job fast, the first time."

The initial launch of the campaign addresses two sets of JDSU test products, including those designed for private networks (enterprise networks and home wiring) as well as those for telecommunications and cable service providers. The products include:

-- Telephone Test Sets: Lil' Buttie Pro and DSL-safe Ranger butt sets

-- Tones and Probes: Turbo-Tone and Tonax tone generators, Resi-Tracer probe

-- Cabling & Network Testers: Testifier and LanRoamerPRO cable testers, LanScaper network tester

-- Ethernet Network Management Tools: Validator-NT Ethernet speed performance certifier with Plan-Um cabling project management software

-- Fiber Testers: SmartClass and pocket-size power meters and sources, T-BERD 6000 OTDR

-- Copper/xDSL Testers: HST-3000 copper and xDSL tester, SmartClass ADSL tester

-- Metro/Business Services Ethernet Testers: SmartClass Ethernet RFC 2544 service level agreement tester

According to a press release, the launch includes a dedicated Web presence with product and other information, including a locator to identify JDSU distribution partners. Print and online campaign advertising features "the personality and challenges" unique to four customer types: "Home Networking," for installation of in-home networks; "Enterprise Network," for those who manage enterprise networks for network speed and performance; "Premises Networking," for installing premises and building networking infrastructures; and "Access" for service providers.

"JDSU has partnered with the world's largest communications service providers to develop some of the most innovative and precise test instruments on the market," adds Holly. "These customers rely on JDSU tools to install, maintain and ensure quality for networks that serve millions of consumers and business. That same leading test expertise is now available through our task-ready line for enterprise, home wiring and broadband access network test - that's what the launch of Know the Network is all about."

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