Telkonet pairs with 1-800-905-GEEK on PLC offering

July 31, 2007
July 31, 2007 -- The companies have partnered to bring the Telkonet family of powerline communications (PLC) products to the small business and residential markets.

July 31, 2007 -- Telkonet, Inc., a provider of powerline communications (PLC) technology, has formed a partnership with 1-800-905-GEEK, a provider of on-site computer services, to bring the Telkonet family of broadband networking and energy management products to the small business and residential markets.

According to a press release, to address these markets, Telkonet will deliver customized, private labeled products specifically for 1-800-905-GEEK. To distribute the products, 1-800-905-GEEK plans to hire 50 additional sales representatives, providing full training and integration with existing franchisees.

"We are expanding our role from initially partnering with Telkonet, to now actively promoting and selling their product line with a Telkonet dedicated sales force," comments Richard Cole, CEO and founder of 1-800-905-GEEK. "Telkonet's in-building PLC technology, which enables Internet access using a building's internal electrical wiring, is the ideal platform to enable converging technology solutions. Once the Telkonet PLC platform is installed, it can be leveraged to enable robust Internet access, security cameras, VoIP, and energy management."

1-800-905-GEEK has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of the specially-designed Telkonet products, which target small and medium-sized businesses and large, single family residences.

"We have not found any other products that meet our customers' needs for affordability, reliability and performance," concludes Cole. "Now we can offer our customers an integrated broadband networking solution using one simple technology base, all sold and serviced by one vendor. We think this is a compelling value proposition."

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