SPL Integrated Solutions creates network services division

July 18, 2007 -- SPL Integrated Solutions has created a Network Services Division to provide network design and consulting services.

July 18, 2007 -- SPL Integrated Solutions announced that it has created a Network Services Division to provide network design and consulting services. The primary market for the new group will be Fortune 1000 corporations, higher educational institutions and the Federal Government.

Commenting on the new division, Chad Gillenwater, President and CEO of SPL, said, "This division represents a vertical expansion of SPL services. SPL is the leader in designing and installing high-bandwidth video systems like high-definition videoconferencing, digital signage and streaming media. These applications can have a significant impact on an organization's IP network. With the formation of the Network Services Division, we can now provide IP networking analysis and assessment before the deployment of the AV systems to ensure that performance, security and quality-of-service remain high."

The new division will be headed by Mike Morgan. Morgan, a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), will continue as President of TexelSPL, a division of SPL that designs and installs networks in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Joining Morgan in the SPL Network Services Division will be David Vercelletto as engineering manager and Bill Purcell as sales manager. Vercelletto is a RCDD/OSP and a FCC licensed broadcast engineer.

Mike Morgan commented, "The Network Services Division strengthens SPL's ability to provide converged multimedia applications across the enterprise while efficiently leveraging our client's network infrastructure. We offer complimentary IP networking services including structured cabling solutions, IP network analysis, wireless and RF implementation, advanced electro-acoustical analysis and assistance with international deployment of advanced multi-site networks."

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