Berk-Tek, Ortronics/Legrand bolster NetClear ESS program

July 17, 2007
July 17, 2007 -- Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek have introduced a brochure and additional Web content focusing on the companies' NetClear ESS (Electronic Safety and Security) structured cabling platform.

July 17, 2007 -- Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek recently introduced a new brochure and additional Web content focusing on the companies' NetClear ESS (Electronic Safety and Security) structured cabling platform.

According to the companies, the NetClear ESS platform builds upon the enterprise structured cabling products available from the companies, and provides added value for the security and surveillance market as technology evolves to include IP-connected devices, such as CCTV cameras, access control and other building automation systems.

The companies say the new brochure "provides a look into the three scenarios that provide a path to IP" and includes a "city view poster" of different vertical markets, video system requirements and suggested cabling systems.

Further, the brochure addresses the structured cabling needs for an analog camera environment, a hybrid environment and a total IP-solution, employing both fiber-optic and UTP copper cabling.

According to the companies, the brochure is intended as a tool for IT managers and security integrators, who recognize that designing their surveillance systems according to TIA industry standards, which are based on structured cabling, will ensure network compatibility with current and future technologies, and improve their return on investment.

"We recognize that traditional legacy analog cameras are still the majority installed base, but that there will be a progression to digital security cameras," remarks Todd Harpel, director of marketing for Berk-Tek. "However, the common thread is that the structured cabling system can be applied to both analog and digital cameras to create a total IP-addressable environment."

Along with the brochure, the NetClear Web site,, now features a special section dedicated to the NetClear ESS platform. The section includes the brochure, lab reports, articles and white papers, as they become available.

The NetClear ESS platforms' media includes include copper, from Category 5e to 10G, and fiber, from indoor to outdoor cables, to suit any environment and any budget for all data, voice and video applications, according to the companies.

"By applying the same cabling expertise as the IT enterprise market, Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek can offer a parallel network specifically designed to migrate CCTV and other building automation applications to run efficiently utilizing the same structured cabling principles," comments Marybeth Marx, vice president of marketing for Ortronics/Legrand.

On July 23 at the BICSI Northeast Region meeting in Hershey, PA, Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, marketing analyst for Berk-Tek, will present a technical session entitled "The Path to IP: Structured Cabling for Surveillance and Security" to BICSI members including cable contractors, IT managers, distributors and manufacturers.

The companies say the "vendor-neutral," in-depth presentation will address the changing goals of the security system "as it evolves from a reactionary function to a pro-active function" and the procedures needed to achieve this.

Ms. Oliver will present structured cabling scenarios to address different surveillance and building environments. The presentation is designed show how moving from a legacy analog system to a digital IP-based system does not mean overhauling existing cameras and equipment investments, say the companies.

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