Modular floor grid system for vertical cable installations

July 17, 2007
July 17, 2007 -- The EZ-Path Modular Floor Grid System, from Specified Technologies Inc., is engineered to handle thousands of cables.

July 17, 2007 -- Specified Technologies Inc. (Somerville, NJ) has introduced its EZ-Path Modular Floor Grid System, a bolt-together solution for riser applications through floors that employ multiple units of the company's high-volume EZ-Path Series 44 pathways.

According to the company, the pathways are engineered to provide maximum resistance to fire and smoke, whether empty or 100% visually filled. In banks of four, the pathways form modules that easily install through slots provided in the grid.

The grids can mount one, two or four modules for up to sixteen pathways through a single floor opening. Made of rugged, galvanized steel, the grid frame assembles quickly and is bolted over pre-formed openings in concrete floors.

All grid sizes may be purchased as complete kits including pathway modules. Multi-slot grids may be purchased with blank firestop filler panels, allowing modules to be purchased and installed at a later date as needed or as additional cable capacity is required.

The company notes that the cables may be added individually or in bundles, and may be added or removed at any time without a need to remove or re-install the firestopping materials.

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