Fluke releases Visual UpTime Select 2.5

April 23, 2007 -- The latest version of the software gives network managers increased visibility into each segment of VoIP call performance, says the company.

April 23, 2007 -- Fluke Networks recently announced its release of Visual UpTime Select 2.5.

The latest version of the software offers several new capabilities, says the company, including the ability to monitor call quality on a segment-by-segment basis and presentation of data through a collection of flexible reports.

According to the company, the software represents a comprehensive system for enabling the successful delivery of enterprise applications, including VoIP, over a wide area network infrastructure. When used with Analysis Service Elements (ASEs), Visual UpTime can gather data on every segment of a VoIP call, providing unprecedented detail on call quality. This allows the network manager to identify and correct problems before customers notice a decline in call quality.

Also new to Visual UpTime is Business Class Reporting, a collection of 75 reports which can be adapted by the user to show a range of information from executive dashboard overviews to single-call troubleshooting details. The reporting feature offers editable grouping, scheduling and delivery options, all available from the Web client. This makes understanding and acting upon the data collected by Visual UpTime and the ASEs much easier than in the past, contends Fluke.

The release of Visual UpTime 2.5 is Fluke Networks' latest addition in the area of enterprise performance management, defined as the delivery of application, VoIP and network performance management in a converging enterprise network environment.

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