2-hour rated, fire-resistive cables

April 3, 2007
April 3, 2007 -- Belden has introduced its PLTC Circuit Integrity (CI) cable for industrial systems. The cables are designed for survivability and controlled shutdown situations in the event of fire.

April 3, 2007 -- Belden has introduced its New Generation PLTC Circuit Integrity (CI) cables for industrial systems.

Designed to survive fire for up to two hours and to enable controlled shutdowns in circuitry related to mission-critical industrial processes, the cables complement the company's line of Safe-T-Line Circuit Integrity and Circuit Integrity in Conduit (CIC) cables for high-rise EVAC systems, and ABS-type approved Low Smoke Zero Halogen CI cables for shipboard use.

According to a press release, the full line of Belden New Generation 2-hour rated cables now includes:

- PLTC-CI shielded multi-conductor cables designed to handle controlled shutdowns or emergency situations in circuitry related to mission-critical industrial processes. The cables are UL2196/NEC listed to meet the requirements of hazardous environments such as petrochemical plants.

- Safe-T-Line CI cables that meet the Fire Alarm Cable System Survivability requirements of NFPA 70 and NFPA 72/2002. Designed for non-conduit installation only (FPLR-CI rated), these riser-rated cables call for installation with fire stop materials, cable runs without splices through the fire zone, and terminations no less than 12 inches beyond the fire-rated wall or floor bounding the fire area.

- Safe-T-Line CIC cables that meet NEC Fire Alarm Survivability requirements in half-inch conduits. These cables are FPLR rated and UL listed for circuit integrity when installed in conduit according to FHIT #30 (UL).

- ABS-type Approved Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables designed specifically for shipboard use. The ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) is the leading classification organization devoted to promoting the security of marine-related life and property. With ABS-type approved cables, no additional special approvals or insurance company exceptions are required for Belden cable system installation.

To help contractors select the right CI/CIC cables for their applications, the company also offers information regarding code compliance requirements, cable rating listings, and installation guidelines for each of its 2-hour rated, fire-resistive cable solutions.

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