Indoor/outdoor fiber-optic drop cables

April 30, 2007
April 30, 2007 -- Berk-Tek's Adventum ATx cables are designed specifically for security and FTTx applications, including MDU/MTU applications.

April 30, 2007 -- Berk-Tek has introduced its Adventum ATx cables. The indoor/outdoor fiber-optic drop cables, available in ATR (riser rated) or ATP (plenum rated) versions, are designed specifically for security and FTTx applications, including MDU/MTU applications.

The cables are available in one or two tight-buffered fibers in a loose tube cable design, incorporating the company's DryGel technology, an all-dry water-blocking system. According to the company, significant cost reductions over traditional indoor/outdoor installation methods can be realized, as the cables perform well across a wide range temperature and environmental conditions, including outside plant, indoors, and through risers or plenum areas. No transition points are required with the cables, says the company.

The company notes that, as fiber-optic cable is often used in security applications due to its extended distance capability, immunity to EMI and other interferences, and superior signal integrity, the smaller design and flexibility of the Adventum ATx cable makes installing and terminating in these deployments quicker and easier, while also eliminating strand waste.

"We have, in effect, designed a tight buffer cable with all the benefits of a loose tube cable," explains Beni Blell, RCDD, fiber-optic product business manager for Berk-Tek. "Whereas this new two-fiber Adventum cable was developed to specifically address a CCTV application, it is also ideal for multiple dwelling units (MDUs) where long runs in non-dedicated pathways are common and requires the cable to be robust enough to be pulled with up to 300 lbs. alongside coax, UTP, POTS, and power cables."

The new series of Adventum cables is patent pending, with riser and plenum ratings and available in multimode or singlemode fiber constructions. The cable features the company's GIGAlite premium fibers and can also be built using the company's GIGAlite-10XB fiber, a laser optimized 50-micron fiber. No buffer tube fan-out kits are required for installation and direct termination with any field installable connector is enabled.

The cable is also available with one or both ends pre-terminated by Berk-Tek, as well as with optional interlocking armor.

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