Gigabit Ethernet patch panel for high-density environments

April 19, 2007
April 19, 2007 -- ADC's UniPatch GigE patch panels are designed for copper wiring environments where frequent patching and higher density is required.

April 19, 2007 -- ADC has introduced a Gigabit Ethernet patching system designed for copper wiring environments where frequent patching and higher density is required. The company's UniPatch GigE patch panel features a high-density card frame, based on the patented ADC KRONE Direct-Edge LSA-PLUS termination system.

According to ADC, key features of the GigE series patch panels include: Category 5e channel compliance; Category 6 compliant patch keyed to ensure proper patching; 32 circuits per panel, rated for 30,000 insertions and/or withdrawals; easily removable wire management bar option; normal-through or straight-through availability; and test access, patch, cross-connect and monitor functions in 100 ohm-balanced transmission systems having a common signal format and bit rate with operation up to 1,000 Mbit/sec.

"The UniPatch GigE Patching System is the industry's first patching system that's robust enough to be suitable for broadcast applications offering higher density and incredibly reliable patching that will outlive the data network," comments Jeff Peters, program manager for broadcast and cable connectivity products at ADC. "This patching system has been designed by broadcasters for broadcasters."

According to a press release, The Systems Group (TSG - Hoboken, NJ), a broadcast systems developer specializing in centralized monitoring, multi-channel origination and master control consolidation systems, utilizes the ADC UniPatch GigE patch panel for its copper implementations.

TSG is using the GigE patch panel for RS-422 (a balanced-voltage, digital-interface circuit) machine control. The panel system accommodates data transmission with unidirectional or non-reversible lines, terminated or non-terminated transmission lines, point-to-point, or multi-drop. The GigE patch panel can also be used for RS-232 machine control as well as Gigabit Ethernet (Cat 3, Cat, 5, Cat 5E, and Cat 6).

"The ADC punch-down will save us labor and fabrication time by eliminating the need for D-subminiature connectors," says Myron Dubb, purchasing manager at TSG. "Being able to pre-punch also allows us to assemble and prep the cables in the shop and ship to our customer sites for easy, final installation."

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