Xortec to resell Dataprobe's remote switching platform in EMEA

April 26, 2007 -- Dataprobe announced that Xortec (Frankfurt, Germany) will resell its remote switching solutions to diverse markets in EMEA.

April 26, 2007 -- Dataprobe, a manufacturer of technology for networking systems management, announced that Xortec (Frankfurt, Germany), a system integrator for the voice, video and data communications market, will resell the Dataprobe remote switching platform to diverse markets in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia), including the oil and gas industry, utility industry, data center providers, satellite service providers and large systems integrators.

"Establishing the right alliances is key to increasing our presence in Europe and expanding Dataprobe's business," comments Doug Osowiecky, executive vice president of Dataprobe. "The Xortec team has more than 20 years of experience in the IT market for redundancy switching applications and we're excited to add this type of expertise to our partner network. We'll have access to Xortec's broad customer base as the redundancy solution of choice and the company's particular focus on the growing SCADA market will open up a new revenue opportunity for our solutions."

According to a press release, Xortec will resell Dataprobe's remote switching products including the K-16 series for redundancy switching and the T-APS automatic protection switch.

The K-16 series is designed to provide reliable switchover of communications circuits for line protection and equipment redundancy applications. These physical layer switches allow redundant systems to be automatically, remotely or manually operated, ensuring maximum uptime for critical communication circuits.

The T-APS switch ensures access to critical voice or data communications by automatically rerouting circuits or switching to backup equipment in the event of service failure or degradation.

Xortec is focused on delivering turnkey solutions and Dataprobe's products fill a gap in our portfolio," concludes Hubert Irka, managing director of Xortec. "The range of products that Dataprobe offers and the company's ability to deliver flexible and customized solutions will meet the unique business needs of our varied customer base. As a core component of the overall Xortec offering, these switch products will help our customers avoid costly on-site visits and keep their systems running with minimal interruption in service."

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