Fiber inspection and cleaning tools

May 18, 2007
May 18, 2007 -- Fluke networks has introduced a pair of tools to help installers and network operators improve uptime and reliability by eliminating fiber end-face contamination.

May 18, 2007 -- Fluke Networks has announced the availability of its miniature video microscope and fiber-optic cleaning kits, both designed to improve the performance and reliability of fiber-optic links in enterprise and telecommunications networks.

"By far, the most common problem I see with fiber links is end-face contamination," offers Larry Johnson, president of the fiber-optic training company, Light Brigade. "And the problem is getting worse. Contamination and end face damage increases attenuation and reflectance and can cause damage. With higher network data rates, the fiber links are even less tolerant of signal loss. Proper cleaning techniques are essential, and safe end-face inspection is critical."

To help users get the best performance from fiber links, Fluke has introduced its FiberInspector Mini, a portable video microscope that lets users view both multimode and singlemode end-faces in crisp detail. (The company notes that the microscope completely protects users from exposure to harmful laser light.)

Additionally, Fluke has introduced its fiber-optic cleaning kit, which includes a fiber-optic solvent pen that employs a plastic-safe solvent with superior cleaning properties to isopropyl alcohol, says the company. The kit also includes the company's fiber-optic cleaning card and cleaning cube, both of which provide cleaning and wiping surfaces that are safe to fiber end-faces; and two sizes of fiber-optic swabs for cleaning the insides of fiber ports. The kit includes a rugged carrying case; all items are also sold separately.

An online instructional video showing proper use of all of Fluke Networks' fiber inspection and cleaning tools is available here.

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