Vicon, Agent Vi partner on video intelligence

February 20, 2007 -- Vicon Industries has licensed Agent Vi's video analytics and intelligence software to provide as a companion module to the ViconNet digital video management software.

February 20, 2007 -- Video surveillance systems provider Vicon Industries Inc. recently announced an agreement with Agent Vi to license that company's video analytics and intelligence software and provide it as a companion module to the ViconNet digital video management software.

The agreement allows Vicon to sell and integrate Agent Vi's full analytics suite into ViconNet as an optional module, dubbed ViconNet Video Intelligence, or ViconNet VI.

The module is designed as a video intelligence system used for detection of unusual and abnormal events or behavior. By applying rule-based algorithms to behavior captured on video, the system enables a user to monitor and analyze events, set event detection criteria and control different parameters, enabling a single operator to review and automatically analyze detected, suspicious activity collected from large numbers of cameras operating in the field. By utilizing the analytics data provided to ViconNet VI, the operator can provide the appropriate response in a timely and cost-effective manner, according to Vicon.

The system offers various types of video analytic data detection options, including motion detection, non-motion detection, theft detection, behavior detection, crowd detection and counter detection. The system is also designed to compensate for light changes, shadows, reflections, car headlights, sunrise and sunset and other ordinary outdoor environmental events. According to Vicon, it offers extremely low False Alarm Rates (FAR) and Nuisance Alarm Ratios (NAR) without compromising on high Probability of Detection (POD) levels.

"Agent Vi is a best-of-breed video analytics solution and we are very excited about the additional capabilities that it brings to ViconNet," comments Bret McGowan, vice president of US sales and marketing at Vicon. "We looked at many solutions and after careful analysis, came to the conclusion that Agent Vi offers the most value in terms of cost, ease of installation and setup and accuracy."

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