Emtelle's fibreflow training school in Denmark certifies installers

February 8, 2007 -- The 33 installers were trained in the handling and installation of Emtelle's fibreflow products.

February 8, 2007 -- According to a press release, thirty-three fiber-optic installers from the Danish company SydEnergi recently completed an Emtelle -certified course that addressed various aspects of that company's fibreflow blown fibre technology, including installation, blowing and fault-finding.

The course was supervised by Ian Gordon Fudge from FiberDK. Mr. Fudge received "train-the-trainer" instruction from Emtelle, and will carry out fiber-optic training for Emtelle in Denmark, Greenland and Iceland. He has previously provided SydEnergi with fiber-optic training, and is renowned for the knowledge and experience that he brings to courses.

"Emtelle is extremely pleased with the partnership that we have developed with FiberDK, and believe that it will help us to be even more successful," said an Emtelle representative. "Over the years, we have learned that training is a critical part of our offering to customers. Working with companies such as FiberDK will allow installers to receive instruction from well-trained, locally situated experts.

Emtelle cites itself as unique in the extent and depth of the courses that it offers to companies that are eager to maximize the benefits to be gained from deploying the company's fibreflow product.

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