Patton adds T1, E1 extenders to CopperLink line

Feb. 7, 2007
February 7, 2007 -- The company says that its CopperLink-T Models 2113 and 2115 extenders can triple the reach of TDM circuits while cutting required copper infrastructure in half.

February 7, 2007 -- Patton Electronics, a provider of network access, connectivity and Voice over IP products, has announced general availability of its CopperLink-T T1/E1 extenders.

The company says its CopperLink Models 2113 and 2115 extenders "redefine the limits of traditional TDM technology," tripling the normal reach of T1/E1 circuits while cutting the required number of copper pairs in half. According to the company, enterprises and integrators can use the "transparent, plug-and-play" devices to eliminate Telco tariffs and installation charges by connecting remote PBXs over existing dry copper.

Further, says the company, service providers can use the CopperLink-T extenders to reach expanded subscriber populations with half the required copper, extending T1/E1 TDM circuits without repeaters to more than 3.5 miles/almost 5 kilometers of distance, over a single twisted pair. The CopperLink-T solutions can also support T1/E1 extension between buildings or across a campus, T1/E1 backhaul from a remote site, T1/E1 relocation, and last-mile TDM delivery.

"If you like CopperLink Ethernet Extenders, you'll love our CopperLink-T line," comments Joseph Gomez, Patton's senior product manager. "We designed these T1/E1 extenders with the same simple problem-solving approach. Just connect the wiring at each end, and you'll be up and running in minutes."

Designed for plug-and-play, back-to-back operation, the CopperLink-T extenders deliver TDM circuit extension with no required configuration; users need only to simply connect the PBX circuit to the T1 or E1 ports and the line interfaces to a dry copper pair. For ease of installation, the two active pins on the RJ connector are polarity insensitive; i.e. it doesn't matter which wire is connected to which pin.

The CopperLink-T extenders operate in clear-channel mode to transparently extend data and voice bearing circuits, including the T1 F-bit. The Model 2115 T1 extender comes with an RJ-48C connector. The Model 2113 E1 extender includes dual-BNC and RJ-48C connectors.

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