Comtrend debuts integrated access device

Feb. 22, 2007
February 22, 2007 -- The company's CT-6382T integrated access device delivers VoIP, WiFi, Ethernet, and ADSL2+ home networking capabilities, along with cordless phone support.

February 22, 2007 -- Comtrend Corp, a supplier of broadband, VoIP and data networking equipment, has introduced all-in-one IAD (Integrated Access Device) for home or office use.

The company says its CT-6382T IAD offers WiFi-compatible WLAN Internet access, VoIP local/long distance phone calling with conventional PSTN phone backup, as well as cordless phone connectivity using DECT technology, all delivered via high-speed ADSL2+ standards over a standard phone line.

According to the company, for service providers, the CT-6382T is designed to provide exceptional deployment and management support. The device is TR-68 compliant, making it possible for end users to easily install and configure the unit themselves. The CT-6382T is also TR-69 compliant for simple remote management and configuration by the service provider.

"The CT-6382T offers a level of simplicity, power and convenience that is unique to residential gateways," says Andrew Morton, Comtrend's general manager. "Not only does the unit support triple play and home networking with Ethernet/WiFi 802.11g, but also its built-in VoIP capability is compatible with the leading VoIP softswitches on the market. Thanks to the FXO (Foreign eXchange Office) function, users are still able to make phone calls over the PSTN in the event they lose their broadband service. By combining all these capabilities in one compact unit, service providers can save on deployment costs and avoid dealing with multiple devices or confusing cabling."

The company contends that the CT-6382T's combination of telecommunications features makes it easy for consumers to maintain their current habits while taking advantage of VoIP services. The CT-6382T establishes a VoIP connection upon dialing. Two corded phones can also be connected to the unit, via the unit's physical FXS (Foreign eXchange Station) ports on the back.

The unit's integrated DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology allows cordless phones to make a VoIP connection without interfering with the 802.11g wireless network. The DECT feature, currently available in CT-6382T models sold in Europe (a U.S. version will soon be available), eliminates the need for a cordless phone base station.

Other features of the CT-6382T include: emergency calling, caller ID/restriction, call hold/call waiting/call forwarding, three-way conferencing and direct number dialing. The unit also supports QoS features and port-based VLANs for full support of voice, video and data services. For IPTV and data, up to four direct Internet connections can be made via Ethernet cable; ADSL2+ standards allows for connectivity speeds up to 24 Mbit/sec.

In addition to 802.11g networking, the CT-6382T is backward compatible with the 802.11b wireless standard. The unit supports 64- and 128-bit WEP data encryption over the WLAN, as well as VPN pass-through and a daytime parental control feature.

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