MDF/server room re-cabling timelapse

MDF/server room re-cabling whiz frets on chassis switches
MDF/server room re-cabling whiz frets on chassis switches

Nick Garrett, a young cabling installation tech skilled in the arts of creative Youtube, thus documents his jobsite progress in this "MDF/Server Room Re-Cable Timelapse."

"A K-8 elementary school server room/main distribution frame is re-cabled in this video," explains Garrett. "Throughout this maintenance period, we worked on swapping some battery backup systems, reconfiguring the server rack, performing some switch maintenance, dusting out the servers, installing additional power distribution units in the racks, as well as switch configuration that coincides with the color of cable and what's on the other side of it."

Garrett concludes, "While it may not be as neat as we would like it, it is much easier now to track cables, access the switch, and route patch cables. I've never had good cable management with a chassis switch."

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