TIA, Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions publish surveillance standard

March 23, 2004
March 23, 2004 - Standard defines interfaces between a telecommunications service provider and a law enforcement agency.

The Telecommunications Industry Association and the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions have jointly published the TIA Standard/ATIS Committee T1 Trial Use Standard, Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance J-STD-025-B.

This standard defines the interfaces between a telecommunications service provider and a law enforcement agency to assist the agency in conducting lawfully authorized electronic surveillance. The purpose of this standard is to facilitate a telecommunications service provider's compliance with the assistance capability requirements defined in Section 103 of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act.

J-STD-025-B defines services and features to support Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance and the interfaces to deliver intercepted communications and communication-identifying information to a Law Enforcement Agency when authorized. The document also defines a protocol for delivering specific information elements to Law Enforcement Acts. Compliance with this standard satisfies the "safe harbor" provisions of Section 107 of CALEA and helps ensure efficient and industry-wide implementation of the assistance capability requirements.

J-STD-025-B focuses on refining the CALEA packet-mode communications requirements for the interface to the collection equipment of Law Enforcement Acts. The requirements in this standard pertain to several technologies. The details of the solution for the cdma2000 packet data system are included in the standard, as are normative references for Voice over Packet for Wireline Telecommunications Networks and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System/General Packet Radio Service (UMTS/GPRS), technologies focused on by ATIS' Technical Committees T1S1 and T1P1 respectively.

J-STD-025-B is a TIA Standard/ATIS Committee T1 Trial Use Standard, which was developed and approved by TIA and ATIS' Committee T1 for trial use, comment and criticism, and published in December 2003. At its March 2004 meeting, the TIA Engineering Committee TR-45 approved a ballot to determine whether the Trial Use Standard should be made into an American National Standard. In like fashion, ATIS' Technical Committees T1P1 and T1S1 recently issued similar letter ballots.

The TIA is based in Arlington, VA. For more information visit www.tiaonline.org.

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