Westell Technologies, Mitel form agreement

August 9, 2004 - Companies will make converged IP products.

Westell Technologies, Inc. has signed a new technology development agreement with Mitel , a provider of IP business communications solutions.

The companies have agreed to jointly develop advanced multimedia access devices enabling voice, video and data to be communicated in an integrated manner using DSL broadband technology.

The agreement defines how Westell and Mitel will integrate their core technologies targeting customers worldwide seeking to use or offer converged services. This agreement is designed to enhance Westell's ability to expand its development of new broadband products.
In addition, the agreement permits Westell to integrate some of Mitel's IP telephony solutions with Westell's broadband access platforms to help enable Westell to offer innovative products to the service provider and business communities. The agreement offers Mitel the ability to market an access product that integrates voice, video, data and DSL.

The Westell-Mitel agreement has already produced a new product development deal. Westell and Mitel will deliver a multimedia access device integrating voice, video, data, WiFi and DSL into a single product. This new integrated access device will address both the enterprise and residential consumer markets. Under customer contract terms, the U.S.-based service provider that awarded the contract cannot be disclosed at this time.

"This product development deal and the Mitel agreement exemplify Westell's decision to seek strategic partnerships and investments to expand our capabilities as a premier supplier to leading service providers," said Van Cullens, Westell president and CEO. "We are excited about the Mitel partnership and all of the synergy that we expect it to bring."

Westell Technologies Inc., based in Aurora, IL, manufactures broadband/DSL access products, gateways and conferencing services. For more information visit www.westell.com.

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