Powerwave announces completion of Olympic athletic center project

Aug. 11, 2004
August 11, 2004 - Wireless network is designed to enhance the coverage and capacity of the games in Athens.

Powerwave Technologies, Inc. has announced the completion of a wireless network coverage solution project, based on its Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna System to enhance the coverage and capacity in the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens.

This installation includes more than 100 optical fiber repeater sites used to improve GSM 900, GSM 1800 and UMTS mobile telecommunications service. The installation enhances RF transmissions in an area of approximately 1 square kilometer and includes major venues within the surrounding area of the athletic center. The project, which was commissioned through and installed by Powerwave distributor, PLURAL S.A., Greece, was completed in less than three months and is designed to meet the stringent capacity, coverage and quality of service objectives set by the customer.

"Providing ample capacity and consistent wireless coverage is critical to the wireless network carriers serving the unprecedented volume of visitors that will attend these events," says Bruce Edwards, CEO of Powerwave Technologies. "The Powerwave Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna System is an all-in-one solution that helps enable multiple network carriers meet the expectations of the many spectators and visitors within this limited area."

The athletic center includes both indoor and outdoor wireless coverage environments. The main stadium, the basketball court, and the aquatics center required a system that addresses interior coverage along with issues such as limited space for equipment, aesthetics and obstructions, not to mention difficult installation in respect to historical landmark restrictions. The tennis courts and the Velodrome called for a system designed to meet the challenges presented for outdoor coverage enhancement. The Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna System (FODAS) solution fulfilled these requirements by overcoming additional installation challenges such as predetermined antenna locations and mast-poles heights dictated by the athletic center authorities.

Ongoing system maintenance and remote monitoring is offered via Powerwave OMS software already in place in both of the wireless network operators' existing networks. PLURAL will provide the ongoing support of the installed system through the duration of the events. An OMS support center will be located in the PLURAL facility in Athens and on-site support will be supplied by Powerwave and PLURAL engineers.

The Powerwave FODAS system, based upon optical fiber and amplifier technology, also addressed RF attenuation issues caused by the extreme distance posed by the equipment room placement on the outside perimeter of the OAKA complex. In addition, it provided a co-located, shared network that two wireless network operators control independently. Since remote optical fiber repeater units can easily be transformed from optical to RF by removing the Fiber Optic Node (FON) board, the solution is future-ready.

Powerwave is based in Santa Ana, CA. For more information visit www.powerwave.com.

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