Corning Cable Systems unveils premium end-to-end optical system

Aug. 31, 2004
August 31, 2004 - The LANscape Pretium Solution is a high-performance system for local area networks and data centers.

Corning Cable Systems ( has introduced LANscape Pretium Solutions, its premier tip-to-tip solution for local area networks and data centers.

LANscape Pretium Solutions combines innovative products-including fiber-optic cables, connectors, hardware, test, and splice equipment-with award-winning technical support and engineering services. Building upon the company's LANscape Solutions, LANscape Pretium Solutions was designed with two components in mind: high-performance and ease of use.

The ease-of-use attributes featured in LANscape Pretium Solutions ease the deployment process for installers, saving valuable installation time and thus reducing the overall cost of deployment. The enhanced performance attributres of LANscape Pretium Solutions allow customers to meet the demands of emerging 10 Gigabit systems. These features, along with the company's customer service and technical support, add up to a premier fiber-optic cabling solution.

Components in Corning Cable Systems LANscape Pretium Solutions include the following.

* Optical cable containing high-bandwidth laser-optimized multimode fiber with reduced cable attenuation of 3.0 dB/km, enabling 10-Gbits/sec operation up to 550 meters.
* A family of gel-free optical cables, making cable installation and termination quicker and easier.
* UniCam SC Ceramic and LC Connectors with 0.2 dB average and 0.5 dB maximum insertion loss, allowing more connectors in the channel or a longer channel.
* The 12-fiber UniCam MTP Connector, a high-density, field-installable connector for data centers or local area networks using ribbon cables; terminates 12 fibers in less than four minutes.
* Pretium Rack-Mountable Connector Housings, with increased jumper and cable capacity and a built-in jumper manager.
* New reusable Plug & Play Systems pulling grip, offering unsurpassed individual connector protection and easier entry.
* MTP connector polishing process results in improve endface geometry and an insertion loss of only 0.75 dB for Plug & Play System termination modules.
* The Windows-based OptiSplice Premier iLID Fusion Splicer, a feature-rich, high-performance, user-friendly fusion splicer.
* Fiber Optic Backbone Model allows the user to design a complete fiber-optic building or campus backbone in minutes instead of hours.
* Award-winning One Call Gets All customer service.

The OptiSplice Premier iLID Fusion Splicer includes a completely integrated, full-feature PC, offering a variety of features that allow for increased splicing performance. The PC, with a 6.4-inch touch screen, features Windows XP Professional Edition software and is compatible with most off-the-shelf software and most USB accessories.

With the full-feature PC, users are able to take advantage of numerous features, including sending documentation to and from the job site via e-mail, transferring data to or from a USB memory device or CD-RW drive, attaching the splicer to a wireline cell phone to access the Internet, and connecting to the Corning Cable Systems Splicer Service Center from a remote location for software upgrades or assistance. The iLID Fusion Splicer also features an integrated GPS system, which can restore location coordinates or be used for navigation. The splicer can also be connected directly to a flat panel monitor or a data projector for group training sessions.

The iLID Fusion Splicer uses local injection and detection (LID) technology for ultra low-loss fusion splicing. The LID-SYSTEM Unit monitors light injected into the core of the fibers, providing active core alignment, auto-fusion time control and splice loss measurement. The accuracy of the LID-SYSTEM Unit and its power-through splice loss measurement method eliminate the time-consuming task of evaluating splices with an OTDR.

The iLID Fusion Splicer also features precise and durable (P&D) electrodes, which are maintenance- and worry-free and can reduce the average splice loss up to 50 percent. Permanently attached arc-stailizers help to ensure both high precision and long-life durability. An electrode cleaning arc, which is applied by the splicer automatically, allows continued low-loss splicing for approximately 7,000 arcs.

Additional features include a graphical user interface for easy menu navigation, factory and user-defined programs for all common fiber types, on-board, interactive training videos, and automatic, one-button fusion splicing operation.

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