VDV Works offers advanced fiber-testing course

Aug. 18, 2004
August 18, 2004 - The curriculum is available to instructors and self-studying technicians.

A new VDV Academy (www.vdvacademy.com) training program that covers fiber-optic testing at an advanced level is now available from VDV Works LLC. The program covers fiber-optic testing in significantly greater depth than other courses, and was created to train fiber-optic technicians and instructors wishing to enhance their knowledge of testing. The course is also ideal for preparing for the Fiber Optic Association's CFOS Advanced Testing Certification, VDV Works says.

The program includes visual inspection, power measurement, loss testing, and OTDR testing. Each section covers instrumentation requirements, test procedures, standards, and measurement errors in great detail. Two version of the program are available: an instructor version includes everything an instructor needs to teach a hands-on advanced fiber-optic testing course, and a self-study version allows an experienced fiber-optic technician to add to their testing knowledge.

Jim Hayes of VDV Works, co-founder of fiber-optic test equipment company FOTEC who ran the company for 20 years before it was acquired, created the advanced testing program. Hayes is the author of many industry standards on testing and a noted fiber-optic trainer. He is also the author of two cabling textbooks.

VDV Academy does not offer training classes itself, but provides complete turnkey programs for instructors to teach its courses or for students to teach themselves. VDV Academy offers programs covering basic fiber-optics, OTDRs, advanced testing, structured cabling, and preparation for the FOA CFOT certification exam. It also offers free online tutorials, including www.lennielightwave.com.

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