NORDX/CDT unveils new copper and fiber connectivity products

Jan. 21, 2004
January 21, 2004--New launches include a no-epoxy/no-polish field-installable LC connector.

NORDX/CDT ( recently introduced new connectivity products, for both copper-based and fiber-optic systems.

It has added several components to its GigaBIX product family, and given the product line the new umbrella name GigaBIX Multi. The name is derived from the fact that the system can support multi applications such as voice, data, video, and sound; multi medias like twisted-pair copper, fiber, and coaxial cable; and multi configurations including wall-mount, rack-mount, interconnect, and crossconnect.

The focal point of the product launch is the 48-port GigaBIX rack-mount panel. The new panel incorporates the GigaBIX connectors with either GigaBIX patch cords or crossconnect wire. Front-access termination and efficient use of space make installation of the panel simple, the company says.

Another addition to the product family is the GigaBIX/MediaFlex Adapater. The adapter fits into both the GigaBIX wall mounts and GigaBIX rack mounts, and allows all MediaFlex inserts, including UTP, fiber, F, BNC, S-VHS, RCA, and SVGA to be integrated into the system.

The new GigaBIX PS6+ patch cords increase the versatility of the expanded GigaBIX Multi family of connecvitity products. The cords allow for high-density connections. Plug-and-go installation and rearrangement of patch cords do not require any special tools or training. The GigaBIX PS6+ patch cord is available in both BIX-BIX and BIX-MOD configurations.

Additionally, NORDX/CDT introduced the LC version of the Optimax optical-fiber field-installable connector. It is a no-epoxy/no-polish field-installable connector featuring a spring-loaded ferrule, allowing the connector to be mated with any LC connector on the market. The patented Optimax LC also features a pre-radiused PC ceramic ferrule that ensures contact with optical fiber, improves durability, and provides high-performance connections, NORDX/CDT says.

The Optimax LC is available in 50- and 62.5-micron multimode, as well as singlemode versions, and completes the IBDN LC component offering as part of the IBDN FiberExpress Solutions.

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