NORDX/CDT, RiT collaborate on intelligent management system

Jan. 29, 2004
Jan. 29, 2004 - The IntelliMAC Plus system, available from NORDX/CDT, is based on RiT's active equipment and software.

NORDX/CDT ( and RiT Technologies ( announced on January 29 that they have entered into a strategic partnership, in which NORDX/CDT will market, sell, and distribute passive hardware including patch panels and patch cords, and RiT will provide active equipment and software for intelligent physical layer management solutions (IPLMS).

The system, called IntelliMAC Plus, is based on RiT's PatchView technology and offers key benefits for mission-critical enterprises, the companies say. "It reduces the total cost of network ownership by enabling IT departments to extract the maximum benefits within tight operating budgets," the companies said in a release announcing the strategic alliance. "The system achieves this cost reduction by improving response tmies to problems of unplanned downtime, redundant ports, inaccurate documentation, and inefficient maintenance. Beyond cost reduction, the solution addresses security issues by its ability to pinpoint the precise physical location of network devices and the Web-based application makes it easy to manage remote sites from a central location."

"We are proud that NORDX/CDT has chosen us to supply this solution," said Liam Galin, president and CEO of RiT. "Intelligent physical layer management solutions are becoming more and more mainstream in the IT world and we are happy that NORDX/CDT has recognized the value of our technology and our experience in this field."

"More than ever, companies are relying on their networks for both mission-critical applications and for life-saving applications such as E911," said Marc Laporte, vice president of sales and marketing for NORDX/CDT. "Real-time monitoring of the structured cabling system has become a necessity. We understand the need for our customers to have a robust, reliable solution that is easy and cost-effective to manage. As a result of this partnership, NORDX/CDT and RiT Technologies can offer customers the best possible solution: IntelliMAC Plus."

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