Mohawk unveils Versalite cable

Nov. 8, 2004 - Cable is an indoor-outdoor plenum cable designed for campus environments.

Mohawk has unveiled VersaLite, an indoor and outdoor plenum cable designed to be a cost-effective solution for campus environments.

As part of Mohawk's Mini-Distribution product line, VersaLite was originally developed to provide data center-type installations with a compact, flame retardant cable that meets stringent OFNP (plenum) rated requirements. By combining its cable properties with rugged jacketing materials, VersaLite also becomes ideal for outdoor installations.

"Traditionally, non-rated loose tube, gel-filled cables have been specified for outside plant, which are spliced to a termination point within 50 feet inside the building to meet NEC requirements. From there, tight buffered cables have been installed for runs within the facility," explains Mike Connaughton, fiber optic sales manager for Mohawk. "VersaLite employs an exceptional dry water blocking system that includes an absorbent polymer filling throughout the length of the inner tubes, to halt any moisture migration."

Optical fiber cable splicing drastically affects link attenuation, which contributes to overall optical power loss. With the increasing demands of high-speed, high-bandwidth 10 Gigabit backbones, it becomes even more vital to minimize insertion loss.

"By installing VersaLite cable, splice point insertion loss is eliminated and can result in 1.5 dB of improved attenuation per cable run, which is 20% of the total power budget for Gigabit Ethernet applications," says Connaughton.

Mohawk, a division of Belden CDT, is based Leominster, MA. For more information visit

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