ADC introduces TrueNet structured cabling system

Nov. 30, 2004
Nov. 30, 2004 - The portfolio of products combines the management and networking capabilities of ADC with the cable and connectivity assets of recently acquired Krone.

ADC ( introduced the TrueNet Structured Cabling System, the integrated portfolio of industry-leading enterprise network solutions from ADC and recently acquired Krone. The system combines cable, connectivity, and cable-management systems for fiber and twisted-pair copper, for applications including 10 Gigabit Ethernet, horizontal, and data-center transmission. The system is available immediately in North and South America.

"There has been a clear global move towards branded end-to-end systems and the trend seems set to continue with more suppliers offering both cable and connectivity," said Lone Hansen, research manager with industry-analyst firm BSRIA (

ADC says its TrueNet system is designed to meet the unique network infrastructure needs of enterprises, backed by the company's Zero-Bit-Error warranty.

"Mission-critical applications and high-speed, highly reliable networks depend upon innovative infrastructure that exceeds industry standards and supports advanced protocols," said Bob Kenny, vice president of global enterprise product management for ADC. "TrueNet allows enterprises to push networks to the performance edge, and futureproof network infrastructure for emerging technologies such as VoIP and WiFi."

Solutions within the TrueNet brand system include the following.
* Cable: Riser and plenum cable supports backbone and horizontal applications. TrueNet copper cables feature the patented AirES technology to enhance signal speed and strength while minimizing cable size and crosstalk.
* Fiber: Suitable for backbone and horizontal applications, ADC offers fiber connectors, patch cords, raceways, and panels featuring integrated cable management and bend-radius protection.
* 10 Gigabit Ethernet: The patent-pending 10 Gigabit Ethernet solution CopperTen delivers all internal requirements of Category 6 while achieving 18 Gbits/sec capacity up to 625 MHz.
* Category 6: Category 6 patch panels, patch cords, and cable are impedance-matched to deliver extra bandwidth and better attenuation while contributing zero bit errors.
* Category 5e: Category 5e patch panels, patch cords, and cable form an end-to-end channel optimized to preserve signal strength and contribute zero bit errors in Gigabit Ethernet applications.
* Power over Ethernet: The IEEE 802.3af-compliant Power over Ethernet controllers allow users to deliver power to VoIP phones, WiFi access points, and other IP devices over the local area network.
* Media Conversion: The OptEnet Media Converter line transitions and protects Ethernet, OC-12, and Gigabit Ethernet circuitry at the desktop and in the data center, expanding optical networks and extending legacy copper infrastructure.
* Work Area: ADC's modular jacks are field-configurable for flush, surface, and furniture mounting.
* Cable Management: The portfolio of cable-management, labeling, and racking solutions provides protection, routing, and management of network cables.

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