Siemon launches cable in U.S. market

Sept. 27, 2004
Sept. 27, 2004 - The manufacturer known for its connectivity products will continue to work with its cable-making partners.

The Siemon Company ( now offers unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) copper cable as part of its product line in the United States. The Siemon copper cable offering includes the brands Premium 5e, System 6, and 10G 6; they are available in both riser and plenum ratings, and in several colors.

Siemon has been selling its own cable outside the United States for more than five years. The cable specifications are designed by Siemon Labs and manufactured in the U.S. The company says its cable is subject to the same rigorous quality-control testing and validation as Siemon connectivity products.

While launching its own cable in the U.S., Siemon will continue to recognize and work with its cable allies. "Siemon cable is positioned as another option within the Siemon Cabling System, which is an open-system program," says Rob Galle, Siemon's national sales manager. Siemon will continue to support end-user demand for cabling systems based on using Siemon connectivity with approved ally cables. "This approach gives the end user the ability to use a Siemon cable ally or Siemon cable for their network cabling system," adds Galle. "Both end-to-end and open systems are covered by the full Siemon system warranty when designed and installed by a Siemon Certified Installer."

Siemon copper cable is now available and shipping. The company says it will release Siemon fiber-optic cable in the U.S. later this year.

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