Belden's Safe-T-Line cables meet NEC ciruit integrity specifications

Dec. 28, 2004
Dec. 28, 2004 - Cables are designed for use in high-rise and other buildings equipped with evacuation systems.

Belden CDT Electronics Division has announced that its New Generation Safe-T-Line Circuit Integrity cables meet NEC circuit integrity specifications.

The cables are designed for use in high-rise and other buildings equipped with emergency warning and/or life safety evacuation systems. The riser-rated Safe-T-Line cables feature flame retardant, low smoke and zero halogen construction materials which help ensure the continued operation of emergency warning systems for at least two hours, in the event of a fire.

In building installations, circuit integrity cables are used to connect the Fire Command Center (FCC) to various zones in the building and must comply with specific fire alarm code and survivability requirements. Belden's New Generation Safe-T-Line cables are 300V rated and NEC-designated as CI cables. The new product line consists of 24 multi-conductor riser-rated cables, UL listed as type FPLR Power Limited Fire Alarm Riser Cable. They meet the following codes and specifications:

* Article 760 of the National Electric Code for Fire Alarm Circuit Integrity Cable,
* National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) for survivability,
* UL Standard 1424 - Cables for Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuits, and,
* UL Standard 2196 - Circuit Integrity Two-Hour Flame Test.

For building owners and life safety system designers, Belden Safe-T-Line cables are designed to provide a cost-effective and labor-saving circuit integrity solution. With their rugged construction, flexibility, and no need for special fittings or conduit, they provide a choice over compartment construction or mineral insulated cables which can be hard to work with and require special termination techniques.

Belden offers these cables in both shielded and unshielded versions. The unshielded multi-conductor cables have 12-18 AWG solid bare copper conductors. Beldfoil shielded versions have 12-18 AWG solid or stranded bare copper conductors. The Beldfoil shield tape features a lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum with a tinned copper drain wire and overall tape thickness of less than .002 inches. The benefits of the Beldfoil tape construction include smaller diameter and flexibility for ease of installation and termination, as well as improved shield isolation from conductors, reducing the likelihood of conductor-to-shield shorting during fire conditions.

Belden CDT Electronics Division is based in Richmond, IN. For more information visit

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