Sumitomo Electric introduces TomCat splicer product line

Dec. 9, 2004 - Splicers are designed for affordability, portability.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has announced the introduction of its TomCat splicer product line, a set of full-featured, handheld splicers.

Designed for both affordability and portability, the splicers are suited for splicing in the downstream FTTP/FTTH network, the final drop to the premise or home, within-premise applications, and for restoration.

The TomCat splicers are lightweight (3.3 lbs) and portable. They deliver the functionality necessary for precision FTTP/FTTx and premise splicing applications, the user-friendliness required to decrease training time and eliminate the need for a fully-equipped splice trailer, and an affordable price point with which to equip a larger and more diverse labor force - thereby simultaneously reducing deployment costs while increasing project and customer service turn-up.

The TomCat splicer product family consists of three battery-operated splicers - two single-fiber units (Type 25S and Type 25U) and a four-fiber mass fusion splicer (Type 25M). The Type 25M and Type 25S feature Dual Camera Splice Screening technology and splice estimation; features which differentiate them from the Type 25U. All TomCat splicers have adjustable position monitors that allow the user to observe the fiber during the splicing process, front-to-back workflows making them ideally suited for aerial taut-sheath applications and when limited fiber slack is available, and fiber holder systems that facilitate quick and easy fiber preparation and placement. The units operate with a sleeve heater time of less than 40 seconds, the industry's fastest cycle among handheld splicers.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave is based in Research Triangle Park, NC. For more information visit

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