OFS introduces TriBox Fiber Management cabinet

Oct. 4, 2004 - Cabinet is designed to offer a cost effective alternative to large, unsightly fiber management systems.

OFS has introduced its latest offering from its Optical Connectivity Division, the TriBox Fiber Management cabinet.

The TriBox cabinet is designed to offer a cost effective alternative to large and unsightly outside plant optical splitter and fiber management systems for Passive-Optical-Networks (PON).

The Tribox cabinet, measuring 2 feet in length by 1 foot in height and depth, is a small, versatile cabinet. The Tribox, specifically designed for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments, offers straightforward access to the splitters and optical fibers, while enabling discrete placement virtually anywhere within the community. Capable of 144-fiber cross-connects, or 96 optical splits, a single Tribox can serve the more modest FTTH undertakings while multiple units can provide for larger communities.

Leveraging years of experience from Central Office to Outside Plant, OFS' TriBox Fiber Management unit is designed to offer a unique 1x32 splitter module encompassing low loss multi-fiber connectors providing for incremental growth and clean fiber management. The TriBox lowers over-all installation management costs and minimizes operational access issues.

OFS, owned by Furukawa Electric, is based in Norcross, GA. For more information visit

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