WireTracks selected to showcase products at castle project

Oct. 1, 2004
Oct. 1, 2004 - Seattle venture will use wiring channel products made by the company.

WireTracks LLC was selected to showcase the WireTracks wiring channel line of products in the New American Castle project.

WireTracks manufacturer wiring channel products that enable consumers to add new low-voltage wiring (home theater, cable television, computer networking, and so on) to their homes or businesses invisibly. The product line at the New American Castle project includes WireTracks NC and WireTracks CM.

The New American Castle project in Seattle, WA is a unique 11,000-square-foot show home that will be reminiscent of the old world charm of English and Scottish castles with 21st century technology.

"When installed in a new home," explains Bruce Gutman, president of WireTracks, "new technologies can be added at any time without substantial renovation. We think WireTracks will keep this castle modern and comfortable for many generations."

WireTracks is based in Seattle. For more information visit www.wiretracks.com.

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