TIA publishes intermateability standard for stick and twist connectors

October 6, 2004 - Document includes requirements for polarization maintaining optical fiber connectors.

The Telecommunications Industry Association has published a new standard, Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard, Type ST, FOCIS-2, TIA-604-2-B. The document is a revision of TIA-604-2-A.

Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard (FOCIS) 2B presents the intermateability standard for connectors with the commercial designation for stick and twist, and includes requirements for polarization maintaining optical fiber connectors. This standard is issued as an addendum to Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standards, TIA/EIA 604. The provisions of TIA/EIA 604 apply to this document.

Intermateability standards define the minimum physical attributes of mating connector components. Fully dimensioned components are not within the scope or intent of FOCIS 2B. The requirements in this standard have been selected with the objective of ensuring that any combination of plugs and adapters conforming to the requirements of FOCIS 2B will intermate mechanically and that intermated connector assemblies will meet a common level of performance. The common level of performance of an intermated connector assembly is the least demanding set of performance requirements in the separate performance specifications of each of the products in assembly.

TIA-604-2-B was created by TIA FO-4.3 Subcommittee on Fiber Optic Interconnecting Devices and Passive Components and released August 2004.

The TIA is based in Arlington, VA. For more information visit www.tiaonline.org.

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