CableLAN Products supplies cables to Seabrook Station

July 7, 2004
July 7, 2004 - Products are manufactured by Draka Comteq USA.

CableLAN Products, Inc. has announced that it supplied specialty loose tube and tight buffer cables to FP&L's Seabrook Station, Seabrook, NH.

The cables, including a 24-fiber loose tube style and a six-fiber breakout cable, is manufactured by Draka Comteq USA and are specifically designed and built for installation in commercial nuclear power plants. They are used for security systems, communication links, data networks, video broadcasting and emergency system repairs.

CableLAN is a major supplier of premises wiring products and the exclusive distributor for Draka Comteq USA's line of optical fiber cables for nuclear power plants. Draka Comteq USA's products meet the stringent quality assurance requirements and performance for both copper and optical fiber cables for nuclear power plants.

"Cables produced for nuclear plants are designed to meet certain requirements of the IEEE-383, the standard for cabling in nuclear facilities. More importantly, these cables are built under the rigid quality assurance program, outlined in the specifications of 10CFR50 Appendix B, dictated by government regulations," says Rob Gilberti, RCDD, director of marketing, fiber optic products, Draka Comteq USA. "This includes full compliance to flame and radiation tests to insure the highest level of performance under all conditions, whether for utility, military or commercial applications."

"Although Draka Comteq's off-the-shelf nuclear cables would have sufficed, we worked closely with Seabrook's engineers to understand the specifics of their applications and installed climate, says Jan Pirrong, president of CableLAN Products Inc. "Together with Draka Comteq's engineers, we designed a cable to perform under Seabrook's harsh environment, which includes an extended operating temperature range. With our combined experience with nuclear plants around the world, we produced a PVC-free cable that met all their performance needs, as well as meeting the requirements of IEEE-383 and IEEE-323."

Draka Comteq USA, Inc. is headquartered in Franklin, MA. For more information visit or

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