Fluke Networks introduces tools to speed the verification of optical fiber installations

July 8, 2004
July 8, 2004 - Company unveils VisiFault Visual Fault Locator, FiberInspector Pro and OptiFiber Smart Remote.

Fluke Networks has announced the availability of three new tools to speed the verification, certification and troubleshooting of optical fiber installations.

The new VisiFault Visual Fault Locator (VFL), FiberInspector Pro dualpower video microscope and OptiFiber SmartRemote all make installing, certifying and maintaining a fiber network faster, simpler and less expensive.

The VisiFault Visual Fault Locator is suited for installers and owners of optical fiber networks. Designed for demanding field use, the laser-powered VisiFault traces fibers routes, verifies continuity and polarity, and helps find breaks in cables, connectors and splices. High visibility laser speeds fiber verification and diagnosis of faults.

The compact VisiFault emits a bright beam of red light for easy fiber location from a distance. Users can visually trace one fiber among many, either in a cable or when terminated in a rack, by visually locating the emitted light. VisiFault makes it quick and easy to check end-to-end continuity and verify the proper polarity of fibers within a multi-fiber connector like an MT-RJ. The VisiFault illuminates fiber breaks, damaged
connectors on patch cords, defective splices in splice trays, and tight fiber bends in and around equipment racks. The unit operates in two modes: continuous wave output for steady illumination or flashing output mode for easier identification of one fiber among many.

The new FiberInspector Pro dual-power video microscope drastically reduces diagnostic time by inspecting fiber connectors already installed on patch panels. FiberInspector Pro includes a handheld LCD display unit and a small, lightweight probe that contains a long-life LED light source and CCD video camera. Instead of removing each individual fiber, the probe adapter tip mates with the connector and projects crisp, clear images of microscopic debris and endface damage on the LCD display. The large, bright video display shows clear fiber endface images without the user looking into the fiber, eliminating the chance of harmful laser light reaching your eye. Because the fiber is never removed from its connector, and the FiberInspector Pro never contacts the fiber, the chance of damage due to testing is virtually eliminated.

The new OptiFiber Smart Remote, an intelligent remote device that complements the testing power of the OptiFiber Certifying OTDR, is designed to provide an affordable, powerful solution for automated insertion loss certification of multimode or singlemode fiber networks. With an OptiFiber OTDR and a Smart Remote, a user can perform insertion loss certification with the press of a button. A single button touch launches an
automated insertion loss Autotest consisting of five optical measurements and link analysis. With every insertion loss Autotest, OptiFiber measures loss at two wavelengths, on two fibers, plus optical length. OptiFiber then compares the measurements against a selected test standard and presents the Pass or Fail status of the tested links. This highly efficient automated test methodology is at least 50% faster than traditional loss certification techniques, saving users thousands of dollars in labor expenses.
Insertion loss certification requires an optical source on one end of the fiber under test and a power meter on the opposite end.

Fluke Networks is based in Everett, WA. For more information visit www.flukenetworks.com.

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