Rural Utilities Services chooses Fiber Optic Network Solutions product line

April 1, 2004
April 1, 2004 - Wall and rack mount enclosures will be used on telecommunications systems of its borrowers.

Fiber Optic Network Solutions Corp.'s product offering of Central Office and CPE wall/rack mount enclosures have been accepted by Rural Utilities Services for use on telecommunications systems of its borrowers.

Through the Rural Utilities Services (RUS) Broadband Loan Program, a program designed to increase the rate of deployment of broadband to rural communities, Fiber Optic Network Solutions (FONS) will have the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of rural economic development by providing high-quality, cost effective connectivity solutions in support of nationwide broadband and Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) build-outs.

During Fiscal 2003, RUS made $1.4 billion in loans and loan guarantees to provide for the deployment of FTTP and broadband services in rural communities. As an emerging leader in FTTP passive connectivity, FONS' product solutions enable the delivery of advanced technologies over fiber-based networks that are essential to foster economic growth for these communities.

"FONS is fully committed to the RUS certification process," states Michael Noonan, President of FONS. "We are dedicated to bringing the best-in-class products to the RUS community through-out America, including the Independent Operating Companies, municipalities and rural telephone companies, in support of the ever-changing requirements and growing demands for advanced communication from the home."

FONS' products have been included in the RUS List of Materials since 1996, and now encompass the LX-LP, LX-MP, ESC, TIC, MDC, HRC, WPS and VSC product series.

FONS, based in Northborough, MA, manufactures optical fiber connectivity products. For more information visit

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