Eclipse raceway is now available in fog white

April 8, 2004
April 8, 2004 - Wiremold raceway is designed to seamlessly integrate high-performance devices for voice, data, audio and video.

The Eclipse non-metallic workstation raceway from The Wiremold Company is now available in Ortronics "Fog White," the standard computer color that matches Ortronics boxes and connectivity devices.

This raceway is designed to seamlessly integrate high-performance Ortronics TracJack and Series II devices for voice, data, audio and video. Eclipse raceway also accommodates industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers.

Eclipse workstation raceway is a single-compartment system that is designed to provide convenient activation for workstations, surveillance systems, fire alarms and more. This non-metallic raceway is rated for 600 volts. It is offered in three sizes, including the PN05 and PN10 Series, which are available in latching or two-piece configurations. A co-extruded hinge provides greater flexibility and allows for repeated opening and closings while maintaining product integrity and aesthetics. The hinge also facilitates the laying in of cable.

Eclipse Fog White raceway is an adhesive backed raceway that is lightweight and easy to handle. The standard 8- and 10-foot sections can be easily installed by one person. All base sections and fittings have unique built-in alignment guides to help avoid unsightly gaps and uneven installations. Fitting covers have an overlap to hide raceway cuts. Built-in wire retainers facilitate lay-in installation without the use of wire clips.

The Wiremold Company is based in West Hartford, CT. For more information visit

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