New toner-probe kit incorporates digital signal locating technology

Feb. 19, 2004
Feb. 19, 2004 - Fluke Networks says its IntelliTone allows users to find elusive, hidden, and bundled cables quickly.

Fluke Networks ( recently introduced a new toner and probe set called IntelliTone. The kit uses digital signal locating technology, also called IntelliTone, which the company says allows the user to find elusive, hidden, and bundled cables quickly and reliably.

The IntelliTone toner energizes cable conductors with a digital signal. The signal is interpreted by the IntelliTone Probe, which uses both audio and visual (LED) indicators to simplify signal interpretation. Users attach the IntelliTone Toner to a cable, set the sensing mode on the probe, and the audio indicators and LED display identify the location of the cable being looked for. Fluke Networks says this eliminates the guesswork necessary with analog toners and probes.

"Using today's analog toner and probes can be very frustrating, as they are basically ineffective in many common workplace situations," said David McLean, Fluke Networks product marketing manager. "Locating cable in a bundle due to signal bleed from cable to cable, differentiating the tone from noise or a false signal, finding a signal due to active network terminations-these things are problematic if not impossible for an analog toner and probe. The digital signaling employed by the IntelliTone series defeats bleed to quickly isolate a cable in a bundle, rejects noise and false signals to locate a cable despite network termination or environmental conditions, and safely tones on active networks. The resulting advance in cable location technology significantly reduces cable locating and troubleshooting time, and provides essential diagnostic features for datacom, telecom, coax, and security cabling."

The IntelliTone 100 kit includes LED display and audio signal identification, telecom line diagnostics, and talk battery. It is available at $139 U.S. list price. The IntelliTone 200 kit features cablemap capability, LED display and audio signal identification, telecom service/ID diagnostics, and Ethernet link detect. It is available at $189 U.S. list price.

The IntelliTone Toners and Probes are also available separately, along with a full range of accessories.

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