Considerations for Supporting Emerging Technologies Outside the Telecommunications Room

July 24, 2018

Office spaces, conference rooms and classrooms are just a few examples of the many areas that will see a huge boom in Internet of Things (IoT) deployment. Floor space is often limited in these areas, making full-height data racks, cabinets and enclosures impractical. 

There are a variety of wall-mounted solutions for cable and equipment storage in the market today; very few combine all the features and elements needed to address the broad range of aspects required to store and support emerging technologies in these more public spaces, outside of traditional telecommunications and computer rooms. 

Consider these features to ensure your wall-mount enclosures will meet your needs now, and in the future:

Full Access to Equipment: A hinged, swing-out center chassis provides easy access to the front and back of equipment, saving valuable floor space.

Security: The cabinet door style will depend on your needs and the environment. A solid (opaque) door keeps internal equipment private, while a door with a viewing window allows for monitoring of equipment without opening the enclosure. Cabinet access should be limited and controlled with a single keyed lock.

Safety and Reliability: A UL® 2416 Listing ensures a robust cabinet design that meets strict safety requirements and testing well beyond manufacturer’s advertised load ratings.

Cooling without Disruption: Consider fan options to keep heat-producing equipment within operational temperature ranges, and that operate at noise levels near whisper-quiet range of 20-30 dB. 

Retrofit Capability: Consider designs with retrofitting in mind to reduce implementation time within minimal disruption to your network and environment.

Visual Design: Look for wall-mounted cabinets with contemporary aesthetics and visual appeal that will not look out of place in offices, meeting rooms and classrooms.

Selecting the right cabinet is equally as important as the equipment it houses. Learn about Chatsworth Products' (CPI) Wall-Mount Enclosed Systems and select an enclosure that meets your unique needs.

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