Considerations for Maintaining Seal When Delivering Cables into Industrial Enclosure

March 20, 2018
As businesses continue to extend their networks into nontraditional spaces, it is important to select an industrial enclosure with appropriate environmental protection ratings. 

It is also critical to use a cable entry system that will maintain the enclosure rating by completely sealing around network and power cables. In most instances, electrical conduit is used to protect and deliver cables. However, when electrical conduit is not used, the cable openings need to be sealed with special grommets that match the enclosure's protection level and maintain the seal around the cable.

The best solution is a single service seal with an adaptable inner and outer diameter, which allows multiple cables to enter a single enclosure opening. This system uses a single grommet housing with an internal multi-piece assembly that creates a tight seal around each cable. Sealing around individual cables provides the best result for maintaining protection category, but this approach is very different from the brush-sealed grommets typically used on IT cabinets. As an alternative, if you only have one cable to pass into the enclosure, a basic gasket seal (i.e. one cable, one opening) will work. 

The number and size of the cables that need to enter the enclosure, and the degree of protection required will help determine the style and size of grommet needed. CPI offers three unique solutions that ensure an optimal seal:


Roxtec ComSeal™ Grommet

Designed to maintain NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 ratings, ComSeal™ Grommet is equipped with adaptable sealing modules that tightly fit around each cable. ComSeal uses Roxtec Multidiameter technology, which allows one module to seal around cables with different diameters, and is retrofit friendly.

  • Watertight, dust-resistant, rodent resistant and corrosion resistant
  • IP 55 rated entry seals with aluminum frame  
  • Available with powder-coated aluminum and AISI316, stainless steel frames
  • Available in six different sizes to accommodate 3 to 32 cables 
 Roxtec RG M63 Gland Seal 

The RG M63 Gland Seals by Roxtec, combine the traditional gland technique with unique technology for flexibility and adaptability. The result is a new generation of glands with improved capacity and functionality. 

  • Compact design well-suited for small areas
  • Round seal entry for multiple cables; allows pre-terminated cables
  • Watertight, dust-tight and area efficient
  • Fits standard ISO 63 knock-outs and can accommodate 1 to 9 cables
 EPDM Snap-In Liquid-Tight Grommet 

The Snap-In Liquid Tight Grommet keeps liquids from leaking through cable openings. 

  • Meets NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 protection ratings
  • Accepts any cable width
  • Easy to install

To learn more about industrial enclosure selection and cable entry grommet selection, download the white paper. You can learn more about any of the products listed above here.

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 3/13/2018

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