CPI Product Designer Simplifies Ordering of Industrial Enclosures—and Now Data Center Cabinets!

Oct. 29, 2018

Chatsworth Products (CPI) excels at tailoring products to meet the unique needs of each installation. One way we've done this is by giving you the ability to quickly select and accessorize industrial enclosures. Now, with the addition of three new products, you can easily select and order data center cabinets, too.

What is Product Designer?

This free, online configuration tool will guide you through the steps necessary to create industrial enclosures or select cabinets that meet your application needs. It provides flexibility by streamlining the process of configuring the exact frame size, mounting system, doors, panel work and ventilation required. It links everything to a single part number for easy ordering and tracking.

Designing Your Cabinet or Enclosure 

CPI Product Designer allows you to start with a part number, or build a product by following simple selection choices. Once designed, CPI Product Designer will generate bills of material (BOM), drawings, 3D models and sales documents automatically. You will receive a confirmation email with the product description, part number and BOM with pricing and related documents. A second email will notify you when the 3D models are complete, usually within 15 minutes. Then, to order, you can contact your local CPI Sales Manager or our Technical Support team.

Modifying Your Cabinet or Enclosure

CPI offers an unequaled level of customization that sets it apart from other companies. Ordering an enclosure or cabinet through CPI means you can have it made to your unique specifications. Changes in size, color and having the option of getting accessories installed by CPI before it leaves the factory can save you time and money. More detailed modification may also be requested by contacting our Technical Support team.

Find out more about quick and easy ordering. Try the CPI Product Designer now.

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist  at 10/23/2018 01:59:42 PM

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