Motive® Vertical Cable Manager’s Breakthrough Design Receives Patent

May 31, 2019

With the ever-increasing demand for higher data rates, more bandwidth and higher densities, Chatsworth Products (CPI) understood the need for a highly configurable cable management solution with an emphasis on fiber optic cable support for a variety of cable media. Pair that with additional features that enable optimal airflow and cable slack management practices and what you get is the market’s first highly configurable vertical cable manager that includes a set of tool-less accessories, CPI’s Motive® Vertical Cable Manager.

Making good on its promise to stand alone among innovative cable management solutions, the Motive Vertical Cable Manager was recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 10,271,452, which describes a vertical cable manager featuring a central track system and set of tool-less accompanying accessories that facilitate numerous cable segregation configurations, while enabling maximum space utilization. To date, Motive is the only cable manager in the market that simultaneously offers these features successfully.

“This patent is another demonstration of CPI’s pioneering expertise in cable management and product design. Our close relationship with customers and awareness of technology advancements were paramount in the development of this product. We are honored by this recognition of our efforts in innovation,” says Duke Robertson, CPI Senior Product Manager.
Since its release in late 2016, Motive Vertical Cable Manager has also received much attention and acclaim at industry trade events and in the press. That includes 2017,when the Motive Vertical Cable Manager received the platinum-level award—the highest honor—at the Cabling Installation & Maintenance (CI&M) Innovators Award Ceremony.

For more information on how Motive Cable Manager can help you build a high-speed network, visit the product page.

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