Video: See the New Black Clik-Nut® Hardware Kit in Action

Sept. 4, 2018

Standard cage nut hardware can be difficult and time consuming to install and move. Installers routinely suffer from pinched fingers and ripped or detached fingernails.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) released the Clik-Nut® Hardware Kit in silver in 2016 to help solve the fundamental challenges that standard cage nuts present. In order to continually meet our customer's needs, CPI is now offering the Clik-Nut cage nut in black. This will provide a more uniform look and enhanced aesthetics for installation into black cabinets or racks.

Advantages of CPI's Clik-Nut cage nut include:

  • No tools required: Easier, faster and safer installation
  • High payload capacity: Same strength and reliability as standard cage nuts
  • Universal usability: Fully compatible with square-punched holes
  • Squeeze-and-release design: Installation time reduced by at least 70 percent
  • Color options: Available in black or silver

Watch the video below and order your free sample of black Clik-Nut cage nuts today to start saving time and protecting your fingers.

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