John Carnevale

Product Development Manager - Grounding Group
John Carnevale joined Panduit Corp in 2005 as a Grounding Applications Specialist. Specializing in data center and central office applications, he has helped Panduit develop the data center grounding product line while also educating Panduit’s end users and partners. Currently John is the Product Development Manager of the Grounding Group and is helping to develop grounding products for applications such as industrial automation and grounding grid. John has spent the last 12 years working for the telephone company and for major suppliers of equipment and services to the telco and datacom industries. He has been involved with central office/data center planning, engineering, implementation and project management as well as bonding and grounding. John assists in education and inspection of data center grounding systems at customer sites. He routinely gives presentations and seminars on grounding in the data center to end users, contractors, engineering firms and distributors. John is knowledgeable in industry best practices and standards for bonding and grounding.