M. H. Raza


M. H. Raza is CEO of Fiber Mountain, Inc., a company that is transforming the physical layer of data center, enterprise and carrier networks; from invisible and unreliable network connectivity to real-time visibility, artificial intelligence, dynamic reconfiguration and software control for the entire network connectivity layer. Previously, Raza was VP/GM for ADC Telecommunications’ global enterprise business, where he led the development of a cable intelligence technology; ADC was acquired by TE Connectivity. Prior to that he was Senior Director for 3Com’s IP Telephony division, where he led the integration of telephony into IBM’s System-i environment; HP acquired 3Com. Raza was VP/GM for Fujitsu BCS, where he was responsible for Switches/Routers, ATM, SONET, and Telephony. Raza has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and holds several patents in the networking arena.