Mark Harger

Founded in 1960, Harger Lightning & Grounding is a full line manufacturer of lightning protection, grounding equipment and exothermic products. We also provide design and engineering services. Harger specializes in offering total systems solutions for their customers. We are involved in all facets of the lightning protection and grounding industries, serving the communications, industrial and commercial markets. Harger is affiliated with the following organizations: BICSI, LPI, NATE, NEGRP, NFPA, ULPA, RSSI, REMSA, TIA, STAFDA and NAED.

Mark is President of Harger Lightning & Grounding located in Grayslake, Illinois and received a degree from Iowa State University in 1978. He chair's the BICSI Grounding and Bonding committee which is soon to release a new Grounding and Bonding standard. Mark also serves on the TIA Engineering Committee TR-42.16 and has recently been appointed as committee chair responsible for rewriting ANSI-J-STD-607-A, Commercial Building Grounding (Earthing) and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications. He also serves on the Board of Director’s of the Lightning Protection Institute, and is an alternate to Thomas R. Harger on the NFPA 780 Standard for Lightning Protection committee. In addition, Mark also serves on the IEEE Tag 81 which is involved with the IEC Standard for Lightning Protection.