William DiBella

Business Dev. Mgr., North America

Mr. DiBella has been the founder, President, and CEO of Centric Solutions, has served as President and founder of Connectivity Technologies and as President of AFCOM. He is a frequent contributor to editorials, articles, and round table discussions, and is regularly featured as a speaker for Data Center educational and product presentations at AFCOM, BICSI, Data Center Dynamics and other industry trade shows and conferences. William has appeared on MSNBC, CNBC, and TXCN, and has been published in ITO America, Strategic Path, BMUS, CXO, and RFID Journal and possesses thirty-plus years of experience, leadership and executive management skills. His experience also includes: designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and the implementation of Data Center physical layer infrastructure cabling products solutions and structured cabling connectivity. He has been a long-time innovator and designer of advancing technologies for the Data Center and structured cabling connectivity markets. His unique set of products are designed with the added benefits of upgradability and retrofittable. He was awarded the Vendor of the year from Hitachi Data System vendor. William possesses a unique business perspective and skill set based on his prior experience of working across a wide spectrum of business environments such as, small, mid-size, and large corporate organizations and developing two startup companies into successful enterprises. Below is a listing on some of the innovative product designs & solutions he has introduced into the Data Center.

  • Custom cabinetry - the DC multi-bay & EN series telescoping cabinet systems; as well as, the KN single bay knock down cabinet
  • Introduction and Implementation of the MP ribbon array connectors as well as MU & LC duplex single body connectors into the Data Center
  • Patch panels - ultra high density 256, 384, 524, & 1.028 channels with front & rear access
  • Introduction of high-density 1U fiber optic patch panels up to 72 channels (144 fiber)
  • Unique ribbon array connectivity solutions - featuring MP & MTP connectors for serial and parallel optics including migration schemes from 10 Gig to 40 &100 Gig applications
  • DFX style trunk cabling system
  • Introduction of Sub-unitized trunk cabling system & the push to small diameter 2.0 mm
  • ManagePro - a versatile telescoping and adjustable cable management solution
  • Genesys- RFID intelligent patch panels, connectors, and cables
  • Centricity - an RFID asset management tracking solution for the enterprise market
  • ZIPLAN – Category 6 modular trunk cabling system
  • Quick couple – underfloor and overhead fiber optic aluminum conveyance tray system
  • Introduction of the VP-LC – duplex variable pitch LC connector into the Data Center
  • Introduction of two channel ZIP jumpers into Data Center
  • Unique under the raised floor fiber optic, ribbon array & copper patch panels and solutions
  • Introduced unique cable striping ID scheme for VCSEL laser optimized 10 Gig fiber optic cables to assist the end user in identifying the different grades of glass on aqua jacketed fiber optic cables eliminating confusing. Example putting a black stripe on OM4 jumpers and trunks to differentiate it from the OM3 grade of glass cables.
  • First manufacturer to use only single-mode ferrules on multi-mode cables; as well as, providing only single-mode quality couplers on all patch panels within the Data Center physical layer infrastructure to ensure optimization of signal strength and to future proof Data Centers infrastructures as they migrate to higher speeds.
  • Designed and introduced the first MPO ribbon array solution with visual identifiers to denote and solve the problem of identifying at a glance the various attributes of MPO connectors such as: Gender (Male, Female), Polarity Method (A, B.C or other), Fiber count (4,8,12,16,24,32,48 etc.), Fiber ferrule grade quality (standard or elite), Bandwidth (10G, 40G 100G, 200G etc.) as well as custom attributes. MPO Identifying system can denote up to nine separate attributes which can be changed on site if required due to the new MPO designs where the polarity and gender can be changed on site.