Tech Tip: Ventilating a Sealed Enclosure—the Benefits of CPI's Product Designer

Feb. 20, 2018

Industrial enclosures that are certified to protect sensitive equipment against solid objects and noncorrosive liquids often require ventilation to keep the equipment cool and functional. Chatsworth Products (CPI) provides a number of filter fans for its RMR® Industrial Enclosures. If you purchase a sealed enclosure and order a filter fan kit separately, you'll likely encounter several challenges:

  • You'll have to cut the hole into the sealed enclosure yourself, using whatever tools you have on-hand. This means taking extra safety precautions to protect yourself from sharp edges, metal filaments, etc. 
  • You'll have to measure and mark the cut-out to prep for cutting out the hole. Once the hole is cut, you'll find small variations in the size and shape of the cut-out. 
  • If you have more than one enclosure, you'll need to set aside a significant amount of time—and put forth a large amount of effort—to get the kits installed.

Simply stated, getting that precise, exact fit will be extremely difficult, and the consistency and quality of your work will vary. 

Using CPI's Product Designer, you can design an enclosure that includes the ventilation system as part of the kit from the factory. This means:

  • You'll get a clean, factory-cut hole that is done by a fabricator versus by hand. 
  • All of your hardware holes, as well as the cut-out, will be consistent, precise and exact for a perfect fit—regardless of how many enclosures you're ordering. 
  • It will be painted after it is processed for a nice, clean finish. 

Ultimately, when your cabinet arrives, the hole will already be in place. Installation will be as simple as snapping in your kit—saving you time and effort—and helping to ensure quality and consistency across every enclosure. To learn more, watch the video below. You can also check out the CPI Product Designer by clicking here.

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