Tech Tip Video: Equalizing Pressure in Industrial Enclosures

Aug. 24, 2018

Chatsworth Products (CPI) RMR® Industrial Enclosures are used to protect sensitive equipment indoors and outdoors in nonhazardous environments. You may require an industrial enclosure if you are extending your network into nontraditional areas where environmental conditions must be considered. 

UL® Type 4 RMR Industrial Enclosures are engineered with an air-tight seal to provide reliable equipment protection in outdoor environments. Under certain environmental conditions, the pressure inside the cabinet may be different from the outside of the cabinet. This can cause the integrity of the seal to degrade. In order to equalize pressures quickly—and prevent leakage—a protective vent may be installed. 

In this video, CPI expert, Sam Rodriguez, demonstrates the tools and steps necessary to install a protective vent into a UL Type 4 RMR Industrial Enclosure, helping to ensure seal integrity, prevent leakage and provide continual, reliable protection of sensitive equipment in outdoor environments.

Watch the video to learn more: or visit the RMR Industrial Enclosure solutions page within our website.

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