Category 6A Cabling Applications

May 16, 2024
Join CommScope’s lead systems engineer, Casey Adams, in a seminar exploring the capabilities of Category 6A cabling beyond the 100-meter limit. Discover how this reliable technology addresses speed, power, and now, distance challenges in modern enterprise networks.

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Twisted-pair copper cabling has been the workhorse for enterprise networks over several decades, constantly improving in capability to meet or exceed users’ requirements for transmission speed. For many years twisted-pair also has delivered electricity to networked devices via Power over Ethernet (PoE)—a technology that has reshaped network design and implementation. Category 6A is a champion in this regard; it is constructed to support data-throughput speeds of 10 Gbits/sec and power-delivery performance of 90W from the source. As enterprise networks have evolved to require these higher speed and power thresholds, many of these networks also have evolved physically, and require link lengths in excess of the industry-standard 100-meter limit. Twisted-pair copper cabling and Category 6A in particular have proven to be up to the task for speed-and-power requirements, but what about distance? Can the familiar and reliable twisted-pair cabling come through at distances beyond 100 meters?

This information-packed seminar delivered by CommScope’s lead systems engineer Casey Adams will focus on real-world applications for Category 6A cabling, providing detail on the trifecta of speed, power, and distance. Casey will pay specific attention to the standards that govern cabling performance levels (e.g. Category 6A), along with the standard specifications for power delivery via PoE. Attendees will learn effective approaches to designing and installing physical layer networks for the dynamic, evolving enterprise space.


Casey Adams
Senior Director Systems Engineers, North America


Casey Adams joined CommScope (then Avaya) in 2003 where he has held roles in Product Line Management with global responsibility for Fiber Optic Cable and Apparatus as well as experience with Regional Market Management for North America. He has been a Systems Engineer for 10 years where he now has the privilege of leading the North America System Engineering Team.
Casey holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution from the Dwight D Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University and the RCDD and DCDC credentials through BICSI. He and his family reside in Houston Texas.

Patrick McLaughlin
Chief Editor
Cabling Installation & Maintenance

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