Chatsworth Products wins 2 Gold Awards for innovations in edge applications

Oct. 24, 2019
Recognition demonstrates CPI’s expertise in customized, unique Solutions for the edge.
AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Oct. 1, 2019—The annual Cabling Installation & Maintenance (CI&M) Innovators Awards recently recognized Chatsworth Products (CPI) with two Gold awards for the company’s forward-thinking approach to solving unique challenges in edge networking. 

In the Applications and Case Studies category, CPI was recognized for demonstrating how an online food services company successfully extended its network to a manufacturing environment without giving up valuable floor space, thanks to a customized and detailed CPI-led project that included collaboration with several stakeholders, multiple configuration options and a final solution that included an industrial enclosure with dual exhaust cooling units for improved airflow—all delivered within an incredibly short turnaround window. 

“This project was uniquely challenging due to multiple constraints that didn’t allow the use of a traditional floor-mounted enclosures. Luckily, strong collaboration between the site project team and CPI allowed us to develop a very creative solution that took advantage of unused vertical space near the roofline, while meeting the physical, safety, thermal and redundancy requirements for their network,” says Sam Rodriguez, CPI Sr. Product Manager of Industrial Solutions.Key takeaways of this case study highlight important considerations for deployment in an edge location, including the need to:

  • Engage all subject matter experts on the project team as early as possible
  • Develop a thorough site survey or interview process to identify unique issues and qualify the problem statement
  • Consider that the migration of IT to the edge creates unique challenges that can be addressed with innovative ideas
  • Recognize that expertise in product customization and short lead times are not mutually exclusive

CPI’s second Gold award comes in the Distribution and Routing Equipment category, and recognizes CPI’s role as the exclusive supplier of the UL® Listed Pemsa® Rejiband® Wire Mesh Cable Tray in the United States and Canada, and more specifically, the tray’s availability in an innovative and proprietary BLACK C8® finish that provides high corrosion resistance almost equivalent to that of stainless steel, making it a cost-effective finish to support edge applications. 

“This award demonstrates how innovation is achieved in a variety of ways. In this instance, it was a partnership between CPI and Pemsa that brought the innovative and exclusive BLACK C8 finish, available on our Pemsa Rejiband Wire Mesh Cable Tray, to the United States and Canadian markets. Its high corrosion resistance and surface conductivity brings a tremendous amount of flexibility and value to a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications. We are honored to be recognized as an innovator by CI&M,” says Duke Robertson, CPI Sr. Product Manager of Cabinet & Thermal Solutions. Pemsa Rejiband Wire Mesh Cable Tray features include:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Electrical continuity
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Minimized risk of zinc whiskers

The 2019 Innovators Awards Ceremony will take place on Oct. 1, on-site at the BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas.

For nearly 30 years, CPI has provided industry-leading infrastructure products that support and protect critical ICT equipment. The company’s commitment to quality and breakthrough designs has granted the company numerous patents and prestigious awards throughout the years. For more information on CPI’s innovative designs, visit the company's Patents and Awards page.

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